Track record

It has been almost thirty years since I started my own business – import and distribution of high-end audio equipment – after high school, a few years of architecture study, commodity market floor trading and internal-control and mortgage management at a leading life insurance company. With my distribution company I successfully sold and distributed leading brands such as Alphason, Audiostatic, Beard, Burmester, Elac, Klimo, TMR and VTL to high-end audio stores in Germany and the Netherlands.

After five years I started to design, develop and manufacture signature products such as the prize-winning Driade loudspeakers and Scylla amplifiers. As a result of superb quality and design, as well as skilled marketing techniques, both products became well-known brand names throughout Northern Europe. As leading distribution and manufacturing companies showed interest in these products, both brands were sold successfully after just a few years. I then turned to development and marketing of high-tech medical devices, with the successful Angioscope as a result.

In 1997 I accepted the position of sales manager Europe for Sphinx high-end audio components. I also developed the basic electronic design of the sought-after Sphinx Myth product line. The position of world-wide export manager of Audio Physic followed. For this company I developed the Audio Physic StraDa digital amplifiers. This was done in co-operation with Mircea Naiu. 2003 marked the successful development and manufacture of Cruz digital amplifiers. These designs – which have been showed at prestigious international hi-fi shows such as CES Las Vegas, Tokyo Forum, High-End Frankfurt – were viewed as the standard by which others are compared by leading international audio magazines.

Start of 2006 I launched the distribution of SeboTek hearing-aids (the patent holder of the inner-ear loudspeaker) for Germany. In 2009 I started with B2B telemarketing for several English and Dutch companies. 2011 marked the international sales communication for several Chinese companies as Entive, Wenhua Mountain, Raysonic and Yujun, while living in China and the Netherlands. In the last 5 years I became a telesales marketing expert for many famous brands.


Many years of successfully designing, marketing and distributing highly qualified “New Edge” products in the audio electronics and medical sector and a thorough B2B telesales experience, made me a strongly motivated professional with a cosmopolitan attitude. I am always interested in any position in which I can use and exploit my skills to the fullest. I can boast of world-wide know-how of new sales markets, consumer and trade shows, marketing and advertising concepts and project acquisition.

In addition, I have a thorough knowledge of multicultural and intercultural interaction and relationships, which I gained on my numerous business trips. My family roots are multicultural: Chinese, Indonesian, Polish and Dutch. I have excellent command of the English, German and Dutch languages in speech and writing.